Vision thieves——glaucoma

The second leading cause of blindness in the world

What is glaucoma?

Also known as "the thief of vision", the examination of optic papilla atrophy and depression, and visual field defect and vision decline. The normal outflow channel of aqueous humor slows down or even stops outflow, which leads to the increase of intraocular pressure; the increase of intraocular pressure leads to optic atrophy and visual field defect.

glaucomaSeveral kinds

  • 01

    Acute angle closure glaucoma

  • 02

    Chronic angle closure glaucoma

  • 03

    Primary open angle glaucoma

With current medical technology, once glaucoma you're blind, you can't recover,

Stay away from glaucoma,Prevention is the key

  • 1.Pay attention to mental regulation: take things calmly, keep a good mood and avoid excessive emotional fluctuations
  • 2.Pay attention to eye hygiene: usually do not rub your eyes with hands, do not wipe your eyes with dirty towel, and do not use your eyes excessively
  • 3.Actively prevent and treat chronic diseases, including eye diseases and systemic diseases, and pay attention to the effects of drugs
  • 4.Patients with glaucoma family and risk factors should be reexamined regularly to prevent sudden loss of visual function

Which people are prone to glaucoma?

  • People over 40
  • High hyperopia and myopia
  • Family history of glaucoma
  • Patients with cardiovascular diseases and diabetes

Which groupsShould glaucoma be checked regularly?

  • 01

    People with high myopia or hyperopia above 600 degrees (people with early presbyopia)

  • 02

    Population with family history of glaucoma (within three generations)

  • 03

    People with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and diabetes

  • 04

    Like to stay up late, often do not turn on the light at night to play mobile phones, watching the computer crowd

  • 05

    People with acute or depressive personality who are irritable and easy to lose their temper

  • 06

    People over 40 years old often have headache and eye distension

  • 07

    People who often use glucocorticoids in the whole body, skin or eyes

Complete inspection equipmentAnd check them one by one

  • Non contact intraocular pressure test

  • Digital slit lamp inspection

  • Fundus photography function examination


Tim Roberts

Dr. ophthalmologist, Bachelor of medicine and surgery, University of Melbourne, academician of Royal New Zealand Academy of Ophthalmology, Royal Australian Academy of surgery, academician of American ophthalmic society, member of American Society of cataract and refractive ophthalmologists, member of Australian Society of cataract and refractive ophthalmologists, and winner of Australian Medical medal. He is not only good at cataract and refractive surgery, with the help of the continuous development of laser ophthalmology technology to enrich professional knowledge and implement LASIK and ASLA / PRK surgery, but also good at cataract surgery and refractive lens replacement. He has rich experience in the field of multifocal and toric lens, and can be used for the treatment of patients with eye diseases such as keratoconus, glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy Complicated cataract surgery was performed.

Wang Danmei

Chief physician, President

He is a master and graduate supervisor of ophthalmology in Beijing Medical University. He is employed by the continuing education center of the Ministry of health as an on-the-job training supervisor. He participated in the formulation of "quality control standard for excimer laser corneal refractive surgery" by the Ministry of health. He has completed a number of provincial and municipal scientific research projects and won provincial and municipal scientific research achievement awards for many times. He has published more than 30 academic papers and has been abroad for academic visits and exchanges for many times. He is one of the earliest experts who participated in LASIK technology to correct myopia in China. More than 70000 cases of myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism have been corrected by laser. We have deep research and rich clinical experience in optometry theory and operation application.

Song Jianjun

Deputy chief physician, President of branch hospital

Graduated from Nanjing Medical University, member of Chinese Association for the prevention and control of myopia, member of Ophthalmology branch of Nanjing Medical Association, good at femtosecond laser treatment of myopia and ICL (intraocular lens implantation) treatment of ultra-high myopia, cataract phacoemulsification, strabismus, etc., at the same time, has a unique concept and method for the treatment of ocular surface diseases, engaged in ophthalmology clinical work for more than 20 years, has been to New Zealand for many times Jiapo National Eye Hospital and Tianjin Medical University Eye Hospital. "Laser treatment of myopia" project has won the municipal "introduction of new medical technology" award, published more than 10 articles in national journals.