No mirror for the future

Saving vision without surgery

The lens is thicker and thicker, the world is more and more paste
Maybe you have these troubles?

  • Wearing glasses fatigue

  • The number of degrees is increasing

  • Deformation of objects in glasses

Medical optometry is not only for glasses and diopters, but also for eyeshealth examination

What is medical optometry?

It is a scientific prescription given according to more than ten diagnostic indexes of patients, such as eye examination, refractive state, eye position, accommodation, visual function, age, occupation, eye habits and so on. It includes refraction degree, eye position, accommodation and binocular vision Single vision function, convergence function, adjustment and balance of both eyes, identification of the main eye. Finally, a scientific optometry prescription is issued to achieve the purpose of clear, comfortable, beautiful and health care. It needs a wealth of medical and optical knowledge. The effect is not only to see the object, but also to treat and health care the eyes, so that the eyes can enjoy clarity and comfort Suitable.

Why chooseMedical optometry?

  • 01

    Exclude eye diseases

  • 02

    Distinguishing true myopia from pseudomyopia

  • 03

    Including subjective and objective optometry, glasses are more accurate

  • 04

    Check the adjustment of binocular vision

  • 05

    Monitoring axial development

Medical optometryVS Ordinary glasses

Medical optometry glasses
Ordinary glasses
  • Computer optometry
  • Intraocular pressure test
  • Axial measurement
  • Pupillary distance measurement
  • Astigmatism examination
  • Binocular visual function test
  • Examination of strabismus and amblyopia
  • Comprehensive optometer examination
  • Selection of lens and frame
  • Glasses making
  • Visual acuity chart
  • Computer optometry
  • Choose lenses and frames
  • polish pieces of metal into mirrors